Hi, my name is Marcin, and since I remember I loved to know how things work. When I was young I disassembled a lot of toys and one old boom box. Unfortunately, I was not able to assemble all of them again. In high school I fell for physics and astronomy I could finally deepen the secrets of the universe and just before going to university I discovered how much fun programming, so I decided to study Computer Science.

Since then a lot of has changed I have learned a lot, I started working, I met a lot of amazing people that helped me extend my knowledge. I got a dog (he is really cute BTW 😉). Some time ago something has changed I don’t know what yet but I recall my love for exploring and deeply understanding things, so I started to read JDK code, dig into JVM internals, try to understand how Linux kernel works and how it affects the performance of applications. Now I want to share this knowledge and my discoveries with others, so I started this blog.

I am deeply focused on JVM internals and performance engineering right now but do a lot more in my free time. I really like photography, especially animal and landscape photography and my dream is to one day direct my own short film.

Feel free to contact me on social media, any time you want.