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Why is it good practice to set -Xms along -Xmx java flag while using Concurrent Mark Sweep (CMS) collector?

Recently I stumbled upon an interesting issue in one of our services. When going through our Grafana dashboards I have discovered that time spent in GC for this service is abnormally high. Immediately I started investigating this issue. The investigation was pretty quick and an issue was rather simple but it gave us a significant performance boost. So I decided to share it with you and shed some light on how adaptive heap sizing in jvm works and how it can sometimes be a problem.

Why my HTTP request did not timed out? Quick tour inside JDK and OkHttpClient for better understanding of timeouts

So you have JVM based service (A) that is communicating with another service (B) using some kind of HTTP client. You know what you are doing so you gathered metrics statistics from your dependency. Especially it’s response times. Let’s assume that p99 of its response times form service B are 200ms. Also, this service is fairly close to you for example in the same data center. You adjusted your timeouts accordingly, for example, you’ve set connection timeout to 50ms and socket timeout to 250ms.